Hair Removals

We offer three types of hair removal services: Hard wax, Strip (Soft) Wax, and Threading for different areas of the bodies and face. 
Pre and Post Waxing Treatment
Our pre-wax treatment is designed to clean deodorant, make-up and boy oils from skin prior to waxing. It cools and calms the skin as it removes all traces of oil, perspiration and bacteria ensuring perfect condition for effective waxing.
Our after wax treatment contain superior blend of oil and moisturizing agents that will provide the perfect conclusion to you hair removal waxing treatment. It contains lavender oil, which will further reduce the chance of inflammation that may occur after waxing. 
Hard Wax
Less painful hair removal treatment. Hard Wax is suitable for all part of the body and facial area. For sensitive areas such as underarm, bikini, Brazilian, and facial waxing we only offer waxing with hard wax.
Strip Wax
Suitable for large areas of the body such as legs and arms, but not recommended for sensitive area. This waxing option over a shorter treatment duration, and thus sometimes known as speed wax.

Hair removal that remove the hair using thread. Unlike tweezing, where single hairs are pulled out one at a time, threading can remove short lines of hair. This method was originated from Central Asia and India. This treatment is only available for facial areas and to remove couple of hairs that are still left over after waxing. 

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